COVID-19 Testing Rapid, PCR, Antibody and Spike Vaccine Antibody

COVID 19 Rapid, PCR, Antibody Testing Locations

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Acceptable for sick, exposure, air travel requirements, event planning, or other screening requirements! 
 All results are interpreted by a doctor or nurse practioner.

If you have COVID-19 symptoms or have exposure to COVID, Gwinnett Clinic offers convenient options for you for evaluation and testing, as recommended by our clinicians. 

For acute infection, COVID-19 Rapid and PCR testing are available at many of our locations.

  • Rapid Testing provides results within 30 minutes.*
  • PCR Testing providers results within 1-2 days on average.*

Do you think you had COVID-19 in the past and want to be tested for prior infection(more than 2 weeks prior to your visit)? 

  • For evidence of prior COVID-19 infection, COVID antibody testing is available by appointment at all of our locations.*

Did you finish your COVID-19 vaccine and want to know if you have developed COVID-19 vaccine antibodies?  

  • For evidence of antibodies to the COVID-19 vaccine, COVID-19 vaccine spike antibodies testing is available by appointment at all of our locations.*

*Please note that only one of these test can be done per visit. Please confirm coverage for COVID testing with your insurance prior to scheduling your appointment.  Patients are responsible for any fees not covered by their insurance carrier.  Self pay is available for consultation + test fees. 

COVID-19 Rapid, PCR, Antibody (Prior Exposure), Vaccine Antibody

Location Phone Number Rapid PCR Antibody
Prior Exposure/
Vaccine Response/
Braselton (706) 824-9929
Dacula (770) 962-0054
Duluth / Breckinridge (770) 925-7232
Duluth / Pleasant Hill (770) 814-2870
Johns Creek (770) 418-0818
Lawrenceville (770) 995-3300 -
Lilburn (770) 923-7778
Loganville (770) 554-0800
Monroe (770) 266-6191
Peachtree Corners (770) 242-8001
Snellville (770) 978-3388
Sugar Hill (770) 831-6703 - -
Suwanee (678) 205-5000
Tucker (770) 496-1429
Webb Gin (770) 972-9000
Winder (770) 868-1144