Ana (Staff)

Ana has worked in the medical field for 20 years, covering all aspects of the front and back office. She took the opportunity to join the Gwinnett Clinic staff because of its focus on patients. Today, Ana helps take care of patients at Gwinnett Clinic's Dacula office with Dr. Dhaval, Dr. Wang, and Ms. Myra. You can find her answering phones, managing charts, and coordinating appointments with doctors and patients.

How do you view your daily work as contributing to patients’ health and wellness?

“I like to take care of patients,” she says. “I've been in the medical field for many years, and it's still my favorite part.”

Ana especially enjoys the ongoing relationships with patients who see her as a friendly and familiar face when they walk in the door.

“I know their health and their history, and I can talk to them about their medical options,” she says.

In your opinion, what is the key to a strong patient-doctor relationship?

“Communication. Our doctors talk to the patients and follow up later. They call people back. They give answers when patients have questions about anything related to their health.”

What inspired you to help take care of patients and enter the medical field?

“The focus is on them,” she says. “It makes for a great work environment when everyone is friendly and focused on being nice to the patients.”

Ana appreciates Gwinnett Clinic's emphasis on convenience for patients — with 20 offices, office hours 7 days a week, and walk-in appointments available.

“Many patients say they're happy with the location and love that they don't have to wait long.”