Barbara (Staff)


When Barbara left 32 years as a corporate manager to join the Gwinnett Clinic team in 2005, she knew she wanted to help patients. Today, Barbara helps take care of patients at Gwinnett Clinic's Monroe office with Dr. Tanase and Ms. Myra. You'll find Barbara busy helping patients navigate our integrated outpatient system of primary care providers, specialists, and ancillary services.

How do you view your daily work as contributing to patients’ health and wellness?

"Sometimes it's difficult for patients to understand the medical field, so I try to relate to them person-to- person," she says. "I can help have an impact on how patients interact the doctors by how I relate to them as well."

She recognizes that the patient care team is more than just the doctor – it is the doctor, patient care representative, and medical assistant working together to meet a patient’s needs.

In your opinion, what is the key to a strong patient-doctor relationship?

"Ultimately, open communication at all levels helps the patients feel comfortable, secure, and confident," she says. "They can feel welcome to come back to our offices or call with any future needs."

What inspired you to help take care of patients and enter the medical field?

Barbara first heard about Gwinnett Clinic from friends who work here. When they recommended it as an "excellent place to work," she decided to apply.

"My favorite part about this is working with all of the people, the patients, my coworkers, and the doctors," she says.

"I try my best to be understanding and have empathy for patients' needs," she says. "That's why they're calling us. They're asking us for help!"