Cathy (Staff)


Cathy first began working at the Gwinnett Clinic as Dr. JJ's physical therapy assistant years ago and now calls the office her “safe haven and family” away from home. Today, she helps take care of patients at Gwinnett Clinic's Snellville office with Dr. Ram, Dr. Tan, and Dr. G. You'll find Cathy busy coordinating patient-doctor relationships, calling back patients and organizing the office.

How do you view your daily work as contributing to patients’ health and wellness?

“We're here to put ourselves in the patients' position and help them to feel better,” she says.

At the Snellville office, Cathy and her coworkers make an extra effort to make patients feel special.

“It's the reputation we have here,” she says. “I give patients hugs. When I call them, I ask about their families and tell them to 'be good.' Our patients tell us that it makes a big difference.”

In your opinion, what is the key to a strong patient-doctor relationship?

“Being genuine. Patients know that we are sincere and really care here. I've taken a stroke patient to an appointment, and one of our patients brought us brownies today. We've built a family atmosphere with our patients.”

What makes Gwinnett Clinic unique when it comes to the staff and doctors?

“Our physicians are excellent, and they count on each other,” she says. “They're also respectful of us — the staff — and work with us as a team. They know they can trust us to get the job done.”

Cathy also appreciates that many of the doctors have worked with Gwinnett Clinic for years. For some, it's been 15 to 20 years.

“We're all comfortable because we've all been here so long,” she says. “It feels like a family and a team.”