Hope (Staff)

Hope first began working at the Gwinnett Clinic as Dr. JJ's orthopedic assistant years ago and sees the office as her “comfort zone and home.” Today, she helps take care of patients at Gwinnett Clinic's Snellville office with Dr. Ram, Dr. Tan, and Dr. G. You'll find Hope busy coordinating patient and doctor relationships, calling back patients and encouraging the staff and physicians.

How do you view your daily work as contributing to patients’ health and wellness?

“We have a relationship with everybody. We call and check on patients when they're sick, we go to funerals, and we work weekends to help them,” she says. “It really is like family.”

Hope makes it a point to compliment patients and greet them with a cheerful attitude.

“Some patients have been here as long as we have,” she says. “I tell the staff to be genuine, smile, and be polite. Patients can be sick and fussy, and they need our best attitude.”

In your opinion, what is the key to a strong patient-doctor relationship?

“Listening. Our doctors are great at talking with the patients and really listening. Then, they solve issues together. That's why we trust our doctors with our families too. All of our family members come here.”

What makes Gwinnett Clinic unique for its primary care patients?

“The doctors will see anyone, and they're so genuine and loyal to the practice,” she says. “Many of them have been here more than 15 years, which is good for the office and patients' well-being.”

Hope is also proud that the doctors don't hold back from dishing out “tough love” when it's needed.

“Sometimes our doctors will get onto the patients, and the patients will straighten up,” she says. “It saves their lives. That part is wonderful.”