Shah Family UGA Honors Summer Scholar 2013: Mathew Joseph

Congratulations to Mathew Joseph, recipient of the 2013 Shah Family UGA Honors Summer Scholarship!

Mathew is from Jonesboro, GA and graduated from Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High School in 2010.  He is currently a senior at the University of Georgia.  

What are you majoring in at school?
At UGA, I am a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major.

What were you able to do with your Shah Family Honors Summer Scholarship?
With the scholarship, I was able to further my research in the intricacies behind placental malaria using a murine model.  We studied the effects of autophagy and necroptosis during pathogenesis.

What was the most rewarding aspect of your summer experience?

My favorite part of the experience was collaborating with the elders in my lab as well as viewing everyone else's presentations at the Symposium.

What are your plans after college?
After college, I will be attending the Medical College of Georgia.  

Do you know what medical field you'd like to pursue?
I would have to gain a deeper understanding of medicine and some additional experience before I make any decisions, but family practice, internal medicine, and opthalmology are interesting to me because I shadowed physicians in those fields and found them pretty neat!

Mathew will graduate from the University of Georgia Honors Program in May 2014.  Congratulations again, Mathew -- we can't wait to hear about all of your future accomplishments!

The Shah Family UGA Honors Program Student Scholarship is an annual award desginated for one exceptional student committed to a career in medicine and/or health policy.