Dr. Mitesh Bhakta (Pharmacist)


When Dr. Bhakta first began working in the medical field and found the opportunity to join the Gwinnett Clinic staff, he knew patients would be the first priority. Gwinnett Clinic's Lawrenceville office is one of the few outpatient medical groups to deliver medications to patients' home. As part of this, you'll find Dr. Bhakta busy filling prescriptions, coordinating home refill orders, and consulting with Gwinnett Clinic doctors that are the in the same building.

Why is home delivery important to patients, and who benefits most from this service?

“Many of our older patients must take transportation to our office, so delivery is easy and convenient for them,” he says. “It also helps them to be compliant and consistent with taking their medications.”

The pharmacy tracks patients' medications and will call five days before a refill is needed.

“It may seem 'old school,' but we love the idea,” he says. “It helps patients to save gas and money, especially as prices go up.”

How does having a pharmacy in the clinic help provide a medical home?

“It's very convenient for patients,” he says. “They don't have to travel to a pharmacy elsewhere after an appointment.”

Dr. Bhakta and his staff take pride in filling prescriptions as quickly as possible.

“We fill them in 5-10 minutes because we understand that if you're sick, you don't want to wait at a pharmacy,” he says. “We want to help you get back home and resting.”

Can all Gwinnett Clinic patients use the pharmacy at the Lawrenceville location?

“All patients can use the pharmacy, even if they have to go to other doctors or specialists,” he says. “We even take different pharmacy scripts.”

This is especially useful for patients who take multiple medications and visit multiple doctors.

“We can keep track of all the medications and note the drug interactions,” he says. “This helps us to advise the patients better and make them feel comfortable about what they're taking.”

What are some of your favorite aspects about running the pharmacy at Gwinnett Clinic?

“I feel a sense of autonomy and community here,” he says.

Dr. Bhakta also enjoys working for a pharmacy that's part of a larger primary care practice.

“It's a perfect setting. If a medication isn't covered on insurance, I can talk to the doctor and take care of the patient right away,” he says. “It's quicker and easier for the patient.”