Myra Bowie (Family Nurse Practitioner)


Myra first moved to Gwinnett County to take care of her grandchildren and found a home with Gwinnett Clinic. As a board-certified nurse, Myra trained at the Medical College of Georgia. She enjoys seeing patients at the Monroe, Auburn, and Dacula locations throughout the week. 

What first attracted you to Gwinnett Clinic, and why have you stayed for more than a decade?

“It was inspiring to see that Dr. JJ and Dr. Meena started this company from scratch and had doctors here for more than 15 years,” she says. “That's when you know it must be a good place.”

In addition, Myra enjoys working at three of Gwinnett Clinic's 20 locations.

“Gwinnett Clinic has a loyal patient base, and traveling to three locations really works well,” she says. “I've also enjoyed getting to know the other nurses and doctors. It's like a family.”

In your opinion, what is the key to a strong patient-doctor relationship?

“Taking time with patients is key,” she says. “When you get to know them and what's going on at home, you realize that many times the problem isn't always physical.”

The best relationships are built on open communication and free- flowing thoughts.

“Sometimes the patients just need someone to talk to and someone who is interested in them as a whole person,” she says.

What inspired you to help take care of patients and enter the medical field?

“When I was three months old, my sister was 22 months old and had polio,” she says. “Throughout my life, I saw what it meant to have good doctors with skills who also really care.”

Being a people-person matters, she says.

“The staff here know each patient and their background,” she says. “When I first started, their knowledge really helped me to get to know the patients quickly.”

What is your favorite aspect of working as a nurse practitioner at the Gwinnett Clinic?

“I appreciate the respect of Dr. JJ and Dr. Meena. They treat me like a peer, and that makes a big difference,” she says. “I don't feel like someone is looking over my shoulder, but a helping hand is there if I need it.”

Myra also appreciates the knowledge and skills of her fellow coworkers.

“The staff sees patients at the last minute, and the nurses love each patient,” she says. “Each one brings special attributes to the office.”