Simran and Sheuli (Patients)


What first inspired you to become a patient at Gwinnett Clinic?

Sheuli: “I moved from Decatur and a friend recommended it to me. The office wait isn't long, and the front office staff make us feel comfortable.”

What keeps you coming back to our primary care system?

Sheuli: “The doctors don't tell us to do this test and that test, which is helpful for us financially. It's very honest.”

Simran: “It's quick and easy, and we have a comfort level here. The doctors are good at asking questions and joking with us.”

In your opinion, what makes a good doctor and a strong doctor- patient relationship?

Sheuli: “Attitude and personality. I feel less tense when I come here. Everyone smiles, and it lowers my heartbeat.”

Simran: “Communication with the patient. A great doctor can explain what's wrong in simple terms and get to the point.”