Tia (Staff)


Tia joined Gwinnett Clinic after previously working in the medical field and “loving it.” Today, Tia helps take care of patients at Gwinnett Clinic's Duluth office with Dr. Meena, Dr. Asha and Dr. Htwe. You'll find Tia busy helping patients navigate our integrated outpatient system of primary care providers, specialists, and ancillary services. She's a pro at answering questions about billing, and she helps to manage four other locations in the Gwinnett Clinic family.

How do you view your daily work as contributing to patients’ health and wellness?

“I like being here for the patients, and most of them know me by name. For some of them, this feels like Gwinnett Clinic is a home away from home.”

Tia enjoys the personal aspect of the patient care team — the doctor, patient care representative, and medical assistant working together to help a patient.

“When they walk in, I can pull their charts immediately, and the patients know who will be here to help them.”

In your opinion, what is the key to a strong patient-doctor relationship?

“As a staff, we love it here. When we enjoy the people we work with, it helps the long-term patient relationship. The staff and doctors have worked together for years, and we're faces that the patients will see again and again.”

What inspired you to help take care of patients and enter the medical field?

“I'm a helper. I like doing what I can to ensure the patients feel better when they leave our office.”

Tia also finds satisfaction in the day-to-day tasks that help the staff to communicate with each other and the office to run smoothly.

“I've worked in the medical field for most of my life, and I'm comfortable with all aspects of managing the office.”